14 February 2013


Yesterday my friend Beata, who is also a resident artist on the FIRE blog, had a fabulous post. Of course all her posts are fabulous and if you missed any of her "Human Mark" series, it is worth a trip back for some mining.

She linked to three posts about utilizing a sketchbook - and for more than mere sketches. I now have seven sketchbooks going at the same time. Two for watercolor, one as a scrapbook type of thingy, two for my work in "finding my own visual language", one for thoughts, sketches and an occasional pasting of a bit of something I don't want to lose and the last is the first one I started which holds a minefield of notes, ideas and musings.

If you haven't discovered Beata Keller-Kerchner yet, you can remedy that right now. She always has a plethora of information on ART!

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