04 February 2013

Getting ready for Visual exercise 3

 This is the new sketch book I made last night. The covers are made from paste paper I made with Marcella with my "smack". I have used the smack (called a smack because that is the noise it makes) on fabric with thickened dyes and paint as well. When I get around to using various tools, I will show more examples of this very favorite tool of mine

160 pages of  (student grade) watercolor paper which will take wet media well

An old sketchbook with plenty of room left but I wanted to keep all of my new work in one place.
                            Stack beads - they dangle (smile). I love dangly things
8" X 11" Landscape opening

                                             Tea cozy in a dye bath

"Tray" dyeing

             This would be nice in an landscape piece. Very woodsy, marshy.

LWI or space dyeing

                                                      Tea Cozy
                                                  3 sports bras


  1. Oh, this "smack" I really would love to see. The results are great! and the book just as well.

  2. Dear Beth! I get so much inspiration looking at your pictures!

  3. What a beautiful book cover. And the bra's!!! Show how they fit!


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