08 February 2013

Odd fabrics

In my mark making quest, I want to try using fabrics that are not seen much in art. Here are 4 new fabrics I bought from a Millinery.

 Buckram, What will this be like washed, dyed, painted or stitched on??
                                              Buckram close-up
I am dating myself, but who remembers crinoline? I am very anxious to perform experiments on this stuff.                  

                                                Black Sinemay
 Hand woven natural sinemay. I have been looking for this stuff at a reasonable price in small quantities for a long time until I found this millinery website. This is the material they make hat forms from but this roll is soft, soft, soft. Can't wait to "try stuff" with it.

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  1. That's quite a collection. I'm looking forward to read bout your experiences with them. experiences also in a good sense!


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