07 February 2013

Penobscot Bay Sunrise finished

First I have to mention a few great suggestions I received. The most clever suggestion I received was from Joke and it was to turn the piece on it's side and make it a vertical piece. What a clever idea. I think it was Beata who made a causal comment that it was certainly worth saving and was a great background.

I had suggestions about sail boats and other things to add to the "background" but it was never about the ocean but the sunrise. Last night, sometime during the night, I woke up and had a thought about adding crows. Now you might be asking yourself why I never thought of that before and darn if I can tell you.

Today I had to take Brian to the dentist for a check-up and while I waited for him in the car, I did a few sketches of crows for the background. Before we left for the dentist, I went through my archive of crow photographs and chose one that I thought would be appropriate and not take over the entire piece. I fidgeted on Photoshop and got it the way I liked then printed the photograph on fabric.

So here it is not only finished but pleasing to me!!


  1. You know... when I first looked at it I thought--it needs black. And some vertical movement. But then I thought, I can't say that--because I thought it didn't fit with your vision. Ha! Love the shading on the wing of the big crow.

  2. What a great solution and a great addition! This is what I call a "happy accident!"

  3. Wow, the birds really change the tenor of the piece! Great additions...

  4. That's a great save.! Just what the piece needes. It's beautiful now!

  5. wow did this turn out nice! I host a link party "Off the Wall Fridays" and would like to invite you to join us anytime you have a project going that you want to share. We find it inspiring, motivational and educational.

  6. Sometimes it just takes a little time to become inspired. Looks like you waited long enough for a great one! Well done...


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