21 November 2012

The amazing results (playdate part 3)

Without too many words, here are the pieces.

This was the first pull on Annabel's silk screening technique. What I learned here and on the piece below was that the over lapping pulls really showed up and were a bit less dramatic than the single pulls.

  I tried to be very careful and  avoid overlapping on this piece. MUCH better

This is the piece I forgot to get a "before" picture of. You can easily see the "prints" from the waxed paper, bubble wrap and burlap. The fabric was of course just spotted with print color so I laid down the used screen from the silk screening experiment (see the drips) then I put clear print paste on the screen and pulled the drips and anything else that had a bit of color on it across. It reminds me of the interesting multiple colors from deconstructed screens. I like it very much . It looks much better in person.

And THESE (above and below) are the 2 halves of the incredible piece. Can you believe this? It was total serendipity and I get no credit for it's creation. I consider it a real gift.

Above is the entire piece and below are 3 detail shots.


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