23 November 2012

Odds and Ends

I wanted to post about a few things that don't warrant an entire day but are important to me and you might find interesting.

This is a wonderful Crow Fiber Art Card from Ineke. This is the second card she sent and it is of a beloved crow, my favorite bird, second favorite animal and my totem as well. Thank you so much Ineke.

The next "update" is the magnetic snap on the iPad holder for Marcella. I didn't like the way it was done so after 3 tries, I was successful. When you look at the stitching it is all wonky. The reason? The magnet was so strong and was stuck to my sole plate. What a struggle. A few people were concerned about a magnetic closure on a tablet. I was too but Marcella assured me that her iPad hard case has magnetic closures as well. So I guess we'll see.

Next I went to the Portland Museum of Art to see the amazing Winslow Homer exhibit. I am speechless. Most of the work was "no pictures allowed" but I took some pics of the marbles there so I can sketch them.

The Pearl Diver

Have a great weekend!!


  1. You should sit in the museum with your sketchbook. Beautiful statues.


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