26 November 2012

Playdate with Marcella

Marcella and I got together to do a bit of batik. She had two scarves that were almost finished but needed one more layer of wax and color. We used Seta-Silk, Seta-Color, ProChemical Profab fabric paint but mostly we used Dye-Na-Flow. It is thin and highly pigmented so it thins well. I also have ProChemicals answer to Seta-Silk called Designer Colors. They are very inexpensive, about $7.99 for a 8 bottle set. They are small but do go a long way.

I had previously acid dyed (LWI) this scarf in bright fuchsia then used a round sponge to apply wax "dots". I then painted the entire thing in black paint. It was opaque paint but it came of rather transparent when dried.

This is the scarf Marcella added one last layer of wax and paint to. It is still wet and covered in wax.


Another close-up. I love how the paint got in the cracks in the wax

Marcella applying a last layer of paint to yet one more scarf. These had been started but were as yet unfinished - til today!!

A close- up of the dark scarf. Really lovely effects.

This was a first layer of an unsuccessful color. Actually is was great but when it dried it lightened too much.

It looked great wet but... I later did another layer of a bit darker paint and loved the result. It is like a muted chartreuse.

A close-up of Marcellas dark scarf. All those colors - yummy!!

The dot scarf. It looks like hot pink moons. The former black background turned into a blackish purple but actually looks quite good.

Flat on the ironing board.

This is one of two dark blue scarves. They are acid dyed and have the tiniest pin points of red here and there. One is a bit darker (this one I think) than the other.

Very successful batik

Flat on the ironing board. The tool was an antique potato masher Marcella gave me. One of my favs.

This is the lighter scarf. Both are really lovely and rich. All but the chartreuse scarf are Crepe de Chine. The green one is habotai.


  1. Ooh, I like this! I just ordered some dyna-flo, and now I can't wait to try it with soy wax batik! Do you heat set while ironing out the wax? I'm used to using dyes, so I need to adjust my thinking about process. And I've never tried acid dyes... something I think I need to add to my 'to do' list for 2013.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Beautiful scarves! I have never used soy wax, looks interesting!


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