09 November 2012

Box Finished

It is FAR from perfect but it is done. I may or may not ever make one again. I'm not planning on it at the moment. With an untrained eye this looks marvelous and I'm happy with it - mainly because it is done, I learned what I wanted to learn and it looks pretty good to me.

 This is the only process picture. I'm in no position to "show" anyone how to make a clam shell box. This is a picture of the "trays" being glued to the lids.
 Box closed
Box closed (again)

Box open.

My biggest challenge was making wobbly cuts because the X-acto blade was a strange one. The thick blade of a rug or box cutter would be more appropriate. So my box is a bit wonky and I didn't remember some of what was said in the demo. But as I mentioned I'm pretty happy with it.


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