06 November 2012

A Clam Shell Box

This weekend Marcella and I took a workshop to learn to make clam shell boxes. It seemed like a fun idea even though I am not  a paper person. I did take Marcella's paste paper class and I really enjoyed it and I took the paste paper I created to this class to use in covering my box.

The first part of the class was a 70 minute demonstration - from start to finish. I had a bit of a hard time cutting the bookboard because I had an odd blade in my  X-acto knife. I ended up using one of the box cutter type knives the instructor brought with her. Here is the box so far.

This is the box closed. The lid is made with the book cloth on the spine.

This is the box open and you can see that the bottom "tray" on the right is about a 1/16th of an inch smaller on three sides so that it fits inside the upper "tray".

From the side. Friday, I will have it covered in paper. If this doesn't look like much please remember that this started as one sheet of bookboard and took 3 hours to construct. I'm not sure if paper is for me.

If you want a copy of the purse pattern, let me know.


  1. I wonder how he looks when he's done.

  2. Hi Beth,
    I received your giveaway. Thank You so much. This DVD is just I needed, I love mixed media techniques. I post an article on my blog about this.


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