19 November 2012

Playdate with Judith part 2

Now we were getting into the good stuff. We quickly used up the remaining print paste from the last time we were together and I made a half gallon more. I am not going to show Judith's work (sorry) but she will do her own post about what she did (very interesting). This is what I did.

On Annabel Rainbow's blog I read about her doing this silk screening technique. I had never heard of it before so I wanted to give it a go and see how it came out. For the sake of time, please follow the link to her blog for directions. When I show you the washed dried and ironed finished pieces, I will explain what I learned - especially NOT to do. This turned out to be a fascinating technique so check back for my next post with all the finished pieces.

Then I did THIS. Yes, eat your heart out. I set up 8, count'em 8, screens to deconstruct. I am rubbing my hands together and cackling.... I set them all up with the exact same three pieces of texture underneath. I did use different (slightly) color combos of fuchsia, intense blue and golden yellow. The golden yellow is the one I use to make olive green both with blue and with black. They are very different olives both of which are yummy.

The textural objects I used were crumpled waxed paper (l), popped large bubble wrap (t) and wrinkled burlap (b). I just kept re-positioning them and setting up another screen. As you can see, I laid a piece of soda soaked dry cloth under the objects in an attempt (HA) to keep the table relatively clean - sheesh!
When I was done I "printed" the dye filled textural objects on to the cloth but I failed to take a before picture. You will see the finished pieces next post.

THEN I grabbed a 45" X approximately 15" piece of unprepared cloth on the table and started to make a general mess. I dabbed a bit of left over clor here and there, wiped dye from this and that (believe me when I tell you I REALLY wish I could remember more clearly) then took a credit card with globs of dye and scraped it over everything.


and this. Can you BELIEVE how fabulous this looks. Well wait til you see the finished piece. I would KILL to be able to duplicate this. I WILL try it again after the deconstructing next week. This is possibly one of the most beautiful pieces of cloth I have ever made and I have made some GREAT cloth. Can't wait til next post!!!!!

This is all the print paste we had left. Oh, we had SUCH a good time...hehe

This is what the table looked like after we finished. This is Judith's end of the table. The flannel was saturated.

This was my end of the table. I forgot to tell you I put soda ash in a spray bottle and thoroughly sprayed the 45X15 piece that came out so incredibly well. The fabric was completely untreated until I sprayed it. The "border" of dye also got sprayed and is now a permanent part of the flannel cover. Judith's end washed almost completely clean. I can see the spray bottle on the table. THAT was a great save!

The amazing results next post. and boy oh boy are they great!!!


  1. Wow, you had a wonderful dye party!

  2. Oooo. That blue and orange piece is lovely. Can't wait to see more. You probably would have gotten an entirely different result if your cloth had been pretreated with soda ash. Might make for an interesting experiment...

  3. Indeed, you've got a nice dye party . I'm curious about the results.

  4. I love all the 'mess' look!!!!! Such a fun time!!!! And results will be wonderful I'm sure!!!


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