12 November 2012

Extreme texture

Even before Judith shared her tutorial on extreme texture, it was a subject I have been very interested in. I really loved her piece and reflected back on a piece I did a few years ago and thought I'd share that with you.

This started out as a large piece of hand dyed scrim over cotton. I couched silk sari yarn and used rope under both layers with top stitching pulled tightly to create the corded bits. I used two sizes of rope. I also used beads.

You may recognize "Collateral Damage". This was a piece I made to show the destruction of forest land for housing developments on huge lots.

The "leaves" are small bits of hand dyed scrim that were stitched in place.

I drew these "Roots" and had thermofax screens made from the sketches. The roots are growing into the "blood" of all the animals who lost their homes so people could have huge lawns for their McMansions.

This is the forest floor and rocky layers underneath using raffia, tied balls of thread, flat rocks, hair mats from my dogs fur and sari yarn to represent rocks.

This area has sari yarn, rock, and dyed silk chiffon filled with stuffing to represent the rocks. The subsurface is made with tucks of dyed rayon fabric.


  1. Love your extreme texture. I've been following the fire blog, too, and can't wait to add more texture to my own work. Your work gives me more ideas to try. Thanks!

  2. Collateral Damage is stunning, Beth. Love the work

  3. Ít's a beauty. Dog's hair, good idea.

  4. I love the bleu/purple piece!
    my dog ​​does not lose its hair :-(

  5. I love the two pieces. I like this ideea of extreme texture and you use so interesting techniques... you give me good ideas.


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