05 November 2012

Giveaways, purse and the walls

Giveaways winging their way to their new homes

Front with separate pocket

 Gusset, batting, and backing


Gusset applied

From the other side

Quilted strap applied with tab/D-ring for keys

 Patch that covers the seam AND strengthens the strap.

Binding  being applied


Isn't this beautiful? It reminds me of an orchid (flower).

Flap up

 I'm going to start to fill it.

This is the quest room and is available to anyone who wants to come and visit.

Standing stones which disappears on the olive or brown walls. It looks good here.

This wall is "Roman Gold" I call it brown but it does have that very deep gold hue to it. Winter Marsh looks much better on this wall with 10" ceiling than squeezed onto the stair wall.

From across the living room.


  1. Your new purse is beautiful; it even match with the walls! So leave it forever on a nail in your livingroom...

  2. Gorgeous purse! You can tell you have really put a lot of thought into the design and your colors are awesome! And your living space takes my breath away... such wonderful colors! Thanks for sharing it with us...

  3. Great purse.Your house is so colorful.I think I'll come and stay at your guest room.Ha,ha.

  4. Such a bag with all those boxes everyone wants I think so. What will you do a favor to have

  5. I got my TWO DVDs today, thanks Beth!! I love it when I have packages in the mailbox after work. Your purse is beautiful, I love the stitching on it, and your house colors are so cheerful--they make your quilts pop.

  6. Such rich color and detailed stitching. The combination of deep purple and soothing green make for a delicious creative statement.

  7. Beautiful purse! And what a beuatiful house you have.

  8. The purse is beautiful! Colors of lime green and purple are outstanding!

  9. Great to see how you made the purse. Thanks!


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