28 November 2012

Breakdown printing and an experiment

I loved the piece I did with Judith. You know the one I couldn't remember making. Well, I thought I would do a few experiments along with the deconstructed screens. I love watching the dye breakdown  Please remember, these pictures are not finished pieces but WET pieces I just printed. There is still batching, washing and ironing so we all have to wait.

This is my 4' X 8' padded printing table with the ugly reddish flannel sheet on it. I also added a previously deconstructed sheet about 4' X 8' as a drop cloth then on top of that my pre-treated white cloth.
I mixed soda ash in the new 40 oz container of print paste in the blender and poured some into this empty Ivory squeeze bottle for easy application.
This is the first 6 images from the 1st screen. I finally learned how to cover all the white.
This was an extra 3 images I tried to get out of the screen - pale.
The next 6 images from screen #2. I'm not so sure I like the strip effect yet.
The next 6 images from the 3rd screen. I like the textural effect on this cloth
The next 6 images from screen #4
a detailed shot (#4)

a detail of the red and blue (#3) 
6 images of screen #5 which has a much better all over look.
6 images from screen #6
6 images from Screen #7.
Detail of screen #7. Guess I forgot to get a picture because I had 8 screens.
The second piece of 4' X 8' fabric for the last 2 screens. I tore off this white fabric because there was no sense staining it.
Flipping the wet fabric onto an opened bin bag.

Above is some fabric I made a year ago. Although it was better than what I used as a drop cloth, there was still a lot of white. I decided to experiment with it.
I poured dye on, and smeared it around with a credit card. It sounds simplistic but there were many considerations about what to add and how to even the color out. At first there were red, blue and yellow sections and I added until it looked more harmonious.
a detail
another detail
You can see the swipes with the credit card as I swiped over the edge and onto the white
Now we come to the last experiment. I used an unwashed silk screen and pulled yellow dye paste through the screen and onto the crumpled waxed paper. I used the dye covered waxed paper like a stamp.
The screen had blue dye paste on it so the yellow started to turn olive.
Then I poured trickles of dye paste on and smeared it around. This was UNTREATED fabric and I thought I had sprayed enough soda ask water on to it but it came out very pale. Oh well, I will add more on to this piece another time.
It looks great wet.


  1. Fabulous! I have yet to conquer deconstructed printing, but I do love the results you got here! Back on the project board it goes for 2013... I'm gonna be a busy girl! Thanks for your post... gives me a lot to think about!

  2. What a wonderful experiment. This looks really great. I wish you'd leave near me to do these experiments together! I will contact Nienke!

  3. Your photos are "almost" as much fun as actually playing along. Looking forward to seeing the washed and dried versions. Print paste in a squeeze bottle = great idea!

  4. Wow, lots of materials. Looking forward to the finally results.

  5. What a great patch you have made ​​of it. Am very curious how they look dry and ironed.

  6. You have played nice again.And made beautiful stock.


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