14 November 2012

iPad holder for Marcella

Marcella treated me to a day of paste paper creation. She is always helping me and giving me lovely things from her shop so I wanted to do something for her. She was looking for an iPad holder with a handle so she could carry it easily with her. This is what I came up with.

I decided to use the flip and sew method. I wanted two centers: one on the front side and one on the back.

Here it is finished all pieced and quilted. I ended up adding a bit of fabric to the lower left edge after taking this picture.

This is it, folded in half, with my Galaxy 10 on it. The iPad and my Galaxy Tablet are about the same size. She wanted the holder/carrier to be big enough to hold the iPad with the protective cover on it. She also wanted the carrier to be pretty. I hope I have succeeded.

I needed a closure and I decided to try the magnet again.

 This time I wanted to bury the magnet inside the tab. On my purse I had the magnet exposed and had to add a tab to mask it. The closure was wonderful but the tab looked a bit odd. So this time I attached one half of the  magnetic closure inside the tab. It looked a bit better although a bit bulky and the closure wasn't as strong as when the 2 halves were bare metal.

The two sides of the finished iPad holder before attaching the magnetic closure

Done and in the mail to Marcella


  1. This is gorgeous! I'm wondering if the magnet will have any impact on the ipad? Usually it is recommended not to use magnets near computers. Other than that, I really love your cover!

  2. Fabulous Beth!
    I'm sure Marcella will love it!

  3. Pretty! Much nicer than my red leatherette thingy.

  4. Beautiful and useful work...interesting idea!

  5. Ah, it looks amazing! I especially liked the bag you created. :D It looks cute! :D
    Ipad Holder


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