02 May 2016

A guest: Diane from the UK

Hi I'm Diane and I live in Worcestershire England having recently relocated from Surrey

south of London, although I originated from Toronto, Canada. Although I have sewn for

most of my life for one reason or another I was inspired to start quilting in 1984 after

watching a television series on quilting hosted by Penny McMorris. I started out learning

the basics of traditional quilting and now I like to make contemporary and art quilts. I

belong to the Quilters Guild of the British Isles and I also belong to a local Contemporary

Quilt group as well as another local group.

The quilt pictured was inspired by the QAYG tutorial on this blog Sewsewart. It has been

made for my daughter-in- law who picked out all the brown and compatible fabrics from my

stash. It is for her brown leather settee. I wanted to have a pattern that would showcase

all the different blocks based on the log cabin design using the traditional shape as well as

Court House Steps, Square in Square and some random strip blocks to form the shape.

When I had placed all the blocks an O shape emerged and then I used the Square in

Square and Court House Steps as a connection to the outside blocks.

I chose the QAYG method as it allowed me to quilt each block individually, therefore

making the final construction as easy as possible. It was challenging to make every block

different but the process on the tutorial was easy to follow and quite fun. It was lovely to

work with so many different fabrics and use up so many scraps. The results as you can

see were worth the effort so give it a go!

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  1. I'm so glad you sent these pics of your blocks. what a fabulous design!!

  2. Love the design! A quilt your daughter is sure to cherish.

  3. It's gorgeous and yes, well worth the effort.


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