30 May 2016

Exercises in "Creating Abstract Art"

This was an exercise about "line" using tape. I know no one would guess I would make something so colorless but it is a first step. I think this was exercise 6. There will be more layers.

Another exercise was about "mad painting". Just lay down color using whatever media you like. I used White India Ink for the first time. I have used "white-out" before but this a first for white India ink. I used the dropper in the lid.

This was another "background" but you know I think I want to use it for a journal cover. I can always change my mind.


  1. Fun! Love the first colorful one... lots of great markings!

  2. Glad to see you exercising! Looks good!

  3. I'm trying to figure out what type of tape you used. Was it masking tape? Love the texture.

  4. I love what you did and your freedom of expression, colors, etc. What is this project?

    1. It IS so freeing and loads of fun. These are some exercises from a book called Creating Abstract Art


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