13 May 2016

a shot of color for the weekend

1.25 handed free motion quilting and a mistake but what the heck. It's just a book cover for an old book that I reference almost daily. I NEED color today so I tried to make this book cover. Hopefully my orthopedic surgeon will not find out. I am happy and have a sore arm. It would have been way to easy to take a photo of the fabric before I cut it....



There is a bit of wonkiness to the free-motion not really on purpose but kind of endearing (smile). I am happy and two Tylenol will take care of the shoulder.


  1. Haven't visited your blog in a while, just saw.the post.about your injury! Hope you are doing better, I can't even imagine quilting with an injury like that.

  2. Wow! I love that fabric, and the free motion quilting looks great! Don't you go overdoing it now... sew now, pay later! But I know you enjoyed it, even with the pain afterward...

  3. If your surgeon was a fibre artist the would understand that we need our fix! Nice colorful cover. Glad to hear your feeling well enough to break the guidelines!

  4. There really is no stopping you!

  5. Gorgeous! Love the bright colors and polka dots!

  6. So sorry to hear that you broke your arm. These things can be plenty frustrating and painful. [I have experience with metal plates and screws.] The good news is that you will get better! Don't neglect the Physical Therapy.

    It's good to do a little something to keep your spirits up!

  7. What did I say about making sure you took time to rest?? I know, stitching is good for the soul so you need to take care of that too. Wonderful, endearing work.


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