16 May 2016

Too much fun ( a little of everything) a la left-handed

A month or so ago, Marcella and I began to work the exercises in this book. We didn't just forget. Marcella's life got a bit complicated and we decided to give it a rest until she returned from Florida.

Meanwhile, I made these "background" marks as a first layer in a combination of exercises in the book. Mainly it said, don't think, just do. I made two background sheets 18 X 24. I should say my first two because I loved this and will do it again when I can lure someone over to play (smile). 

I used plain old colored chalk

 Vine charcoal

Cheap oil pastels

Watercolors and if I am not mistaken these are made with dyes (I could be wrong). The colors are intense and lovely.

First finished exercise.

Charcoal, India in circle with brush and hatched line with India ink from dropper

charcoal with India ink "drops". There is also peachy chalk. When I thought I was done, I was going to pass on the chalk but that required thought (not in play here) so I just grabbed a stick and colored away. 

NO CONTEST my favorite technique: oil pastels with watercolor wash over top. In fabric I LOVE batik (see how it translates)

More pastel and watercolor

Now I bet you want to play too!!


  1. Nice batik look. Can't play. Hubby has me in kitchen. Not cooking
    Lol. Renovating!

  2. I can see that you had fun :-))

  3. Lovely paintings ... a very playful mood.

    1. It was so much fun and no thinking involved (smile)

  4. Looks like messy, colorful fun! I would have to spend a lot of $ getting supplies, since I have donated a lot of my stash of art supplies to make more room for my dyes & fabrics, but I can see the appeal. Maybe down the road a piece when I have more time?

  5. I agree, no contest, the oil pastels with watercolour wash were also my favourites. Yes! I want to play.


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