20 May 2016

framing gifts

My cousin sent me a beautiful card of a red-wing black bird. Her neighbor made the prints and I was lucky enough to get this one.

Another wonderful gift I received was a collage from my dear friend Carmina In Romania. I will trim it a bit and I am having a mat cut for it. Carmina also sent some painted Tyvec pieces.

I wanted to give them a pretty place to live so I've put them in my sketchbook.

Lastly I had a piece of homemade paper hanging around from a DMTV project. I REALLY wanted to print one of my hand carved crow stamps on it KNOWING that the rough surface would give me a poor/broken print. I didn't care and did it anyways.


  1. I LOVE the crow stamp on the handmade paper!

  2. I'm in love with the Red Winged Blackbird. I have one tattooed on the back of my shoulder that looks similar. It's meant to represent my Grandmother, who is always looking over me.


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