29 April 2016

Trip part 2

At the underground connector from the West to East buildings of the National Gallery. You can see the waterfall and pyramidal shaped sky lights. I have an above ground photo further down.

Symphony in White No.1

Salvador Dali's Last Supper. YES, Salvador Dali!! This piece is unforgettable.


Rotunda with Mercury

A visiting Exhibit


Tortilla Maker

Night Welders. These are ALL prints.

The sign called this The Railroad but the real title is Gare Saint-Lazare. This is part of the permanent collection in the French Impressionist section. I bought a print of this when I was in high school and I've brought it with me everywhere I've lived. It is hanging in my house now and is probably my favorite painting. When I stood in front of it I started to tear up. I LOVE this Manet.

Goldsworthy installation.

Calder. This piece is HUGE and hangs third floor level in the East Building

Pedestrian tunnel with Light Installation (the lights moved)

This is above the underground connector

Last day spent at the Smithsonian Castle Gardens. Fabulous

Moon Garden 

Freer and Sackler Galleries. The Sackler are 3 stories down in the ground. I saw a special exhibit called Turquoise Mountain. It was the name of an organization that has brought medical, educational, restoration (houses), and career/skills to Afghanistan. What a fabulous exhibit. The had silk/wool rugs, pottery, jewelry making and so much more.

The Sackler is three of these ground level entrances and all three galleries are connected by tunnels. The other two were Asian and African American art.

Amazing Silk Screen above and Dyes below. I had to get Dyes in there somewhere.


  1. Gads... so much to see, and such beauty! I can see why people say it takes days and days to really see everything at the Smithsonian. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful pix!

  2. The Salvador Dali Last Supper was my favorite painting when I saw the Gallery in about 1968. In the 90's I hauled my husband into the gallery just long enough to show it to him. I still loved it. Thanks for including a picture of it.

  3. How many wonderful images, what special places you have there! I like contemporary art, especially abstract ... so thank you for sharing such beautiful things.

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE those places, my heart started beating fast seeing them again!! So familiar. I was there at the time they were constructing the Goldworthy...Great trip for you and how nice to blog about it!

  5. What a marvelous trip you have had! Looks like a great place to grow up and for sure it has influenced your art to this day!

  6. Wow! Thanks for the tour.


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