11 May 2016

I'm really not trying to be boastful

I am just so thrilled that I was able to purchase one of Linda Kemshalls's "Small Works". I think the most exciting part was watching her actually stitch and paint the canvas on DMTV (Design Matters TV). Now it is hanging right in front of me.

Just  can't seem to take a straight picture one-handed

 I have been a subscriber for many years and it's the best art bargain. I think one of the things I love about DMTV and the Kemshalls is their wide use of many mediums. They dye, stitch, paint, paint on fabric, and sketch to name but a few. They taught me how to use sketchbooks and then to interpret my sketchbook work into fabrics. I have shown many of those "paper to fabric" pieces on this blog.

Another truly valuable bit of information I got from both mother and daughter is "permission" to work around a print of a photo by extending the scene, cutting out bits to collage in my sketchbook or even trace then move on to a design from that image. They sometimes refer to these a "quick cheats" but they are actually creativity primers.

I really can't say enough about both of these amazing women and their DMTV. One years subscription is actually less than most one day workshops. One year is just under $100. US dollars - a massive bargain. You have immediate access to about 30 archived shows so start with the oldest and watch them forward. No contest, this is the best money I have ever spent on art. It is priceless.

p.s. I am mending well and thanks for the kind wishes


  1. I agree! I have been a subscriber for a year or so and I am amazed that they do as much as they do and then share it so professionally. What a treat to work with your daughter in such a creative way! Glad to hear you are mending.

  2. Glad you are mending well and able to enjoy your art.

  3. Congratulations! It is a lovely piece.

  4. yummy and Jan 1st 2017 I'm joining only it and no others!

  5. I'd be excited too. It's a beautiful piece and all those stitches......wow. Glad to hear you're on the mend. Just make sure to take the time you need.


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