17 November 2014

What I did while the Internet was down.

What to do, what to do? How did I become a slave to the internet? Well, I am and I must love it or I wouldn’t be writing a blog post in a word document. During this trying time, I decided to make the apron I bought from Fingerprintfabric.com. Yesterday, in the teeth of the storm (before we lost power), it was so soothing to sit and sew a project. I have drooled over this apron since I first laid eyes on it and now was the perfect time to stitch it up. I knew I wanted to try a different attachment of straps because anything around my neck hurts. Jane Dunnewold had a great apron with a criss cross in the back and I thought I might “try” that arrangement with pins in and see if it would work. It did.

Here’s what I did
You can see how dark it was in my studio with the skylights covered in snow. I cut out the pieces and ironed the folds according to the directions. Yes, I do read and follow directions (smile).

There were no actual “seams” just fell flat seams on the belt ties and neck strap. There was a rolled seam around the circumference of the apron and pockets needed an initial stitching before attaching to the apron. I decided to do a mitered corner on the apron and pockets to make sure no raw edges showed and bulk was kept to a minimum.

I tried on the apron with the straps attached at the neck, then criss-crossed on the back and attached at the waist. It fit fine.

The last two pictures are of the pockets attached – clever pockets – and the top stitching from the back side of the apron.

I'll tell you the truth. It was delightful to just sit and sew. The upside of no internet or phone was no robo-calls from political groups. Ahh! peace and quiet.


  1. Love it! And you're so clever to be able to alter the straps that way. Glad you had power... I can spend lots of time in my work room on the sewing machine, and not miss the phone or internet a bit!

  2. Beautiful fabric and apron.

  3. A wild & colorful & creative apron! So power, but no Internet..I was thinking today at work as I was using the Internet for so much, how did we do it before?? (but we did...) Now I'm forgetting the name of that old fabric shop that we loved in Wheaton Plaza...


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