07 November 2014

Acid dyeing adventures

The new issue of Through Our Hands Magazine is now available and for free. I downloaded a copy as a PDF for a mere 3 pounds easily payable through PayPal.  I paid what amounts to $5. for my own personal copy because #1, this is a QUALITY magazine and #2 it requires an enormous amount of work. #3 is that copies of the first few issues could be downloaded free and #4 the editors deserve to be remunerated. Having said that it is free to view online to anyone.

This past weekend I had a "private" workshop for a friend, her sisters, mother and one friend. They wanted to make crepe de chine scarves. We did all sorts of fun things. Before folks came I made a scarf using acid dyes and small Plexiglas shapes as a shibori resist. The plates were so large that most of the dye was kept out. I ended up redyeing them this morning but it's like a dungeon in my studio with all the snow on the skylights so I'll take the re-deaux pictures later. 

Meanwhile this is our adventure.

I started out by getting out different scarves so I could tell the the different techniques and what they might expect from each.

I also brought out a few things I had for sale that they may have wanted to buy.

Although the leaves fabric wasn't for sale, I wanted to talk about my stamping class. They may be interested in the batik class this spring. Nice!

Washed out scarves waiting for the drier.

One of the women wanted to try the plexiglas sheets to do a shibori but there wasn't enough liquid in the dish that went into the microwave.

Happy faces all around.

Next morning I re-dyed both of my scarves.


  1. It must be so satisying to see the results of techniques that you've taught/shared!!! They're gorgeous.
    PS could I buy one of your little books someday?

  2. So I guess plexiglass is not a good think in the nuker, huh? Too bad! But the results of the dyeing are beautiful! And you're very smart to tempt them with your class and books... bet you get some of them coming back for more!


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