19 November 2014

Something silly

So I am probably the last person on earth to get a cell phone. I actually had a track phone (flip phone). I didn't know how to make contacts or record a voice message for incoming calls. Basically I was beyond pathetic. I do have to say I have had a desk top since 1995. It was DOS and it was 256 mb. I laugh now that I have thumb drives that have 2 gbs!! I have a laptop and a tablet and even a first generation Kindle which I never use. But NOW I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It does everything except make your bed!! Operationally, it isn't much different than my Galaxy Tablet but I think it does more.

On my trip to Europe, I realized I needed a smart phone because I couldn't print a boarding pass but it seemed everyone else had one of those "squares" on their phones - sheesh. I didn't even know what those squares were. Well, whatever, I now have a smart phone. This is where the silly comes in.

I can never find it. I put it down and can't remember where. I decided to make a phone "neck purse" so I could wear the phone around my neck. Talk about being a slave to technology!! 

I bought a "hard case" to protect the phone, one I didn't particularly care for but I had no intention of owning a BLACK phone. I'm all about color so with a black and white choice and this one, I picked this one.

NOW I need to make that neck purse so I will have the phone with me. I have a big rambling New England Farm house and I had 5 phones on my land line now I am tethered to this cell phone - NO complaints! I love it. OK. Neck purse. I figured if I had to look at it all day, it had better be made out of beautiful fabric. I started with a piece of deconstructed screen printing. I fused it to acrylic felt.

I just hemmed the top and bar tacked a thin gross grain ribbon to the sides.

 One side

The other


I purposely made it sticking out the top so I could grab it easily. I like it!! (Notice dye stains all over my sweatshirt?)


  1. Those are the proud signs of a dyer :-)

  2. Oh, you clever girl! I love it! I just got a tablet so I could take payments via PayPal, and used a piece of hand dyed quilted fabric to make a nice, cozy case to carry it along with the card reader and charge cord... not nearly as fancy as your pouch, but we do what we can, right? I still have my tracfone, and don't have any plans to change it out for a smart phone, so there!

  3. Wonderful neck purse! Great colors!


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