21 November 2014

I'm a winner

I have frequently had give-aways on my blog. Just this past week, Vickie won the Tricksters Hat book which is winging it's way to her as I type!! Well, this week I won something. One of my Dutch woman friends, Joke, was giving away a beautiful hand made necklace on her blog Waterlilies. I left a comment and I was the winner!. This will come just in time for my Thanksgiving Day dinner.

Thank you Joke. I will treasure this. Also thank you for all the colorful art you create. When I think of you, I think of rich saturated colors - very appealing to me.


  1. Nice! I just bookmarked Joke's site... lots of fun projects there, I'm thinking!

  2. Thanks again for my copy of The Trickster's Hat. And congratulations on your win!


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