12 November 2014

Priming the creative pump

I read about this book on someone's blog and I got it. I am always looking for ways to "prime the pump" and get those creative juices flowing. The Trickster Hat can be seen here on Amazon and it's a "Look Inside " book so just click through. It started with some fairly quick and small projects one of which I found very clever.

The task for that day was to draw a rectangle 1.5 X 3" and make a paper collage using old postage stamps. It was fun and I even liked my 15 minute "art piece".

By day 4 the projects were getting longer - like an hour or two and although they sounded great, I was too impatient to start them. I think during the winter when the allure of the outdoors is waning, I might try a few. The exercises certainly pushed me outside the box.

Another quick pump primer I loved was creating a quick art work on luggage tags. While I was having chemo, I made one as many days as I could and loved the challenge of coming up with ideas. I did collage, sketch and even painted one. What great fun.

This last technique I heard about from a quilter in New York, Victoria Findlay Wolf . She said she simply took scraps of fabric and sewed them togtehr for about 15 minutes each morning. Kind of reminded me of Rayna Gillman month of posts on the FIRE blog and her book "Create your own free form quilts". I was going to have a second look at the book but I gave my copy away. Think I'll ask Judith to lend me her copy.

So I will pass along the fun and give-away a copy of the Tricksters Hat. Leave a comment. Happy Creating!!


  1. Thanks for the tips. I think our pumps can always use a little priming. I'm definitely going to use the suggestion from Victoria Findlay Wolf starting today!

  2. Love your tags! And the snippets are exect your colors.

  3. Beth, all of these are very creative and would be a good activity for a group, such as our quilt guild. Maybe we should start a group just to do these exercises! Hope to see you soon...life has been uber busy! Dixie

  4. AH! Nick Bantock - a blast from the past!

  5. Wonderful! Little inspirational creative exercises...


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