22 November 2014

Silly Purse - rethought

At danger of being called a wacko with a tin foil hat, I have to say wearing the cell phone gave me pause. Remember I know nothing about cell phones but after 9 months of breast cancer treatment, I started to worry about phone signals/waves being directed at my chest. I have a friend whose friend got a tumor just behind her ear which she blamed on a cell phone. I talked to my son who is a Neurologist and he said to put some foil between the phone and my chest. This is what I did.

First I ironed fusible on to a rectangle of Reynolds foil on both sides. 

I tore off the release paper and ironed a rectangle of deep pink fabric on one side then removed the release paper from the other side.

I turned the purse inside out and ironed the fusible foil/fabric to the side I call the back.

When I was done, I turned it right side out and ironed. I don't know if this helps but I feel a bit better. No tin foil hats though (smile)


  1. Wow! Do you make crinkling noises when you move? Amazing all the things we need to think of these days...

  2. A good thought but I'm also wondering if it bangs against things when you bend down to work. Inquiring minds and all that... ;)

  3. Why do you have to hang it on your chest, can't you keep it in your purse?

  4. LOL! My mate has to call my phone all the time so I can find mone!

  5. Like the pouch. I love pouches...& bags...but that's another story!


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