14 November 2014

Additions to my studio and life

This past Sunday I made a quick trip tp Boston to get two new shelves for my studio and see if I could find a few items I saw at the Amsterdam IKEA. I also needed to go before we got our new rescue dog on Monday and before the snow flew. The trip was a resounding success.

I was going to put the two book cases together making the unit 30" wide. 

This is a single book case. The folding table I removed from this spot was 30" wide. I wanted to make another "work surface" but in reality, I know I don't need another huge work table. Instead I decided to put the bookcase in from of this door that we don't use. Unfortunately there is  step too so the bookcase protrudes into the room a bit. A big "So What!"

You can see the other one across the room.

I saw this rug in Amsterdam and thought if they had it here I would buy it. Who wouldn't want a Button Rug in their studio??

I also bought a candle holder and 5 flower pots which I will have to photograph because I bought them because of their colors! Later!!

Meanwhile, I picked up our new boy, 18 months old and cute as all get out!!


  1. Great additions! The dog is just adorable!

  2. Love your purchases, and he is too cute! Hope he is settling in with his new family...

  3. I like all your photos. Need me some buttons. ;^)

  4. I covet those book cases & the button rug is adorable. That Owen, he is beyond adorable!!!!!


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