25 November 2014

Let the monoprinting begin

These are two sheets of lexan I got as scraps from the glass store. One is 10" X 12.5" and larger one is 12" X 21.5

I cut the fabric the same size as the lexan but the big mistake I made was not ironing it before I started to print. However I DID remember to put my new apron on (when I started to wipe the paint on my new jeans). Jeans are clean!!

I used ProFab fabric paint.

Not enough paint

Perfect amount of paint

I puled the fabric tight on the ends but I'm still happy with the print.

First print on the large lexan and too much paint

Nice print, just the right amount of noise

This I really like

And of course I had to involve my sketchbook since there was paint on the roller

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