19 September 2014

Today I leave for Ohio

I am leaving today for my two day drive to Columbus Ohio. I will be staying with Judith's daughter, Ellen, and attending "Design Boot Camp" with Terry Jarrard Dimond at the Crow Barn. 

Before I leave I want to share the first foray into the new Sketchbook. It is always so hard to open a blank book and make the first mark so my plan was to finish the old book and go right into the new book on the same day.

Inside cover of the book and the first page. I was trying to use up some of the black acrylic paint I had.

Trying to blot off the paint from the pouncer and the other page has a sheet of paint covered waxed paper on it.

These are my "daily" sketches I am doing along with Laura Kemshall on her blog this month. I haven't done any sketching/watercolors in earnest in a long time. You can tell.


  1. Have a wonderful trip, and enjoy your boot camp! Can't wait to hear all about it! BTW, love your sketches... I haven't done any sketching in such a long time! May have to put that on my list of winter projects!

  2. You could never go wrong with daily sketching. Will you use the flower sketches in further art work?


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