22 September 2014

Printing with Laura

Laura has been here for a few days and over the last few days we did some printing on a gelli - the homemade kind from this post. We did so much stuff that I decided to split it into three posts because I like organization.

I am going to start with Laura's work because mine started out so pathetically that you might never come back (smile).

They are pretty self explanatory but I will just add that it doesn't matter what the content of the fabric is ( cotton, blend) and we used ProFab Fabric paint from ProChem - opaques, transparent, and Brites - with crushed mica in them.

Enjoy the photos!!

She just emailed me photos of the finished quilt. I think she used pens and stitch - all hand stitched.


  1. I love these! I'm not sure I understand the order of the process... did she apply the paints first, then the masks? It's hard to tell, but the results are wonderful!

  2. Were the stencils made of paper or plastic? The effect is stunning and I love that it's so low-tech.


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