01 September 2014

Prepping the last sheets

This all started with me wanting to do some stamping and possible collage work with my new bug stamps. I actually think I may do a few more insects stamps as well. 

I took out the old home-made gelli plate from months ago and it was in fine shape just like when I put it way.

It fits better than the commercial gelli which I also have but rarely use.

These are some inexpensive Walmart acrylics that I bought for the students to use in my stamp making workshop.

Some of the prints

The 2 below are the gelli with water sprayed on to "print off" the last of the paint.

Drying with spacers between each page (includes old toothbrushes, chunks of Soft-kut left over from the stamps, markers and even a palette knife and scissors 

Next is stamping and collage and a fond farewell to this sketchbook!


  1. Colors and textures! I often feel a bit wistful at the end of a sketchbook or journal, but mostly I LOVE beginning a new one!

  2. It's a cool technique and it means you don't have to start with a white page. I like the tip about the tooth brushes and such, to use as spacers.

  3. Ah HA! I caught you playing with your gelli plate! Did you have fun?


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