05 September 2014

End of old sketchbook step 2

A while ago I posted pictures of the last few pages in my sketchbook. I had taken a home made gelli plate and printed colors as backgrounds onto the last pages. 

I had also made some insect stamps which I posted but then made 3 additional stamps. I wanted to print them and see how they came out so I took some plants to make prints. I have done this before with leaves from trees on fabric.

This time I picked interesting plant leaves and a few weeds.

I got out a sheet of Plexiglas, my acrylic (cheap hobby) paints and a foam dauber and went to town. I will try to tell each leaf used.


Unknown weed - very nice leaf too. You can also see where the page closed and the acrylic paint stuck and peeled off the paper from the opposite side. It actually looks nice.

Lilac (Lincoln)

Golden Rod appropriately printed in yellow

Hosta I had to hunt for a small leaf

Lilac again


Catalpa Tree

Zone 3 Magnolia (Ballerina)



Unknown weed again.

I cleaned off my dauber a few times

And the aftermath of my printing project and food for thought

I place waxed paper over the leaf after turning it paint side down onto the substrate and used my hand to press the leaf onto the substrate. In this case I used paper but I did the same when printing on fabric. Food for thought: Printing on sheer fabric and having that as a layer.

The Plexiglass - yummy!


  1. Great prints! I have lilac bushes... never thought of using the leaves, but I'm thinking about it now! And I love the fabulous colors on the plexiglass! Looks like a great abstract...

  2. Your sense of combining colors always inspires me. Thank you for sharing. Loved the carved beetle stamp and the use of found florals. What do you use for acrylic paints?

  3. That was a lot of food for thought. I HAVE to try this. Maybe I'll end up with as gorgeous a journal cover as you did.

  4. I love using lilac leaves for gelli-rinting too! They have great texture.
    The catalpa leaves worked great too.

  5. I do love those leaf prints and the colors are yummy. The bugs in the next post are too flat against the yummy background. You could drop in detail that would make them interesting to look at rather than my wanting to look past them to the yummy leaves.


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