24 September 2014

Printing with Laura day 2

These are the fabric prints I made using the homemade gelli. I was the first to start and it didn't take long to realize "this" was not going to work.

I started with dark fabric (no) and used a complimentary color (no). The transparent paint made the fabric look dirty, muddy.

OK, so don't do that again. Then I stumbled onto layering like Judith did on paper. I love the results.

Making areas of the plate with gold paint used

This was a print I made of the insect stamps - boring - so I did another layer. Laura thought it looked like hieroglyphics.

I took a piece of fabric big enough to cover the gelli twice. I took a print and a ghost print. The print above was a ghost print - very faint- then I added the strips from a mask I cut.

Although not terribly successful, it IS a start. A few are OK and others need a bit more work. However you rate it, it was so much fun.

The ProFab paint dried quickly and we never smeared. LOTS of fun!!


  1. That's what experimenting is all about... what if I do this? I think you are learning a lot, and more experiments will reap more outcomes you like... beats housework any old day!

  2. The fun thing about working on textile with the gelli plate, the results are just the start. So much gets achieved with stitching. Well done.

  3. That's a lot of fun and a lot of inspiration. You've really given us a jumping off point...thank you!!


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