17 September 2014

Laura, Marcella and me

This is a special weekend. My friend Laura who I met through this blog has come back for a second weekend here. Today Marcella came and we made the permanent home made gelli plates (again). It was a first for Laura and Marcella. Marcella will be using them with her students next week.

Yes, we made them in BIG pans. This is a dwarf compared to Marcella's sheet.

In honor of this occasion I bought bulk glycerin and gelatin. We split the gallon and the gelatin came as a two can offer. Can you imagine how many gelli plates we can make with all this product?

Set firm in a few hours just sitting on the counter in my kitchen (aka wet studio)

Marcella and me


  1. Hi Beth! Can you reveal me your recipe how you make the gelli plate?

  2. I can't wait to see what's created from those big pans of gelli.


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