08 September 2014

End of Sketchbook final step

or is it?? That's the great thing about sketchbooks, You can return and work into what you have done as well as get inspired about creating something new!

Well, I don't think these stamps worked as well as I thought they would. I learned that pale backgrounds work better. Contrast with the paints I was using was poor. I think the paint was a bit thin and transparent - not great coverage. The black or black mixed colors worked the best. What do you think?

I also went back into the spots and glued the painted waxed paper on top of one page to see how an overlay or layer of printed sheer would look.

This was the waxed paper on plain white paper.

Additional spots added. Now it's time to make my first mark in the new sketchbook. Oh, fun!


  1. Hi Beth,
    I admire you for how you are prolific and hardworking. I notice that you work every day and do things so different. How you manage this, which is your daily schedule? I'd like you to be an example to me!

  2. The colored bugs might be improved if you outline them with a black marker.

  3. How very clever. You've inspired me to prep some pages before head ending out for sketching. Thanks

  4. Love the wax paper overlay when used with a background print.

  5. I think they're fine. You learn with time how much ink or paint to put on but it varies with every surface anyway. I wouldn't go back in with a liner at all. I love the look of prints - it's the wabi sabi of it all.

  6. I think that looked like a lot of fun. The second photo is my favourite, which surprises me. I would have thought I'd prefer the black. I guess we don't always know what we'll be drawn too.


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