10 September 2014

Fingerprint Fabrics

I am a big fan of Linda and Laura Kemshall. I have been a member of DMTV for four or five years. In case you don't know about DMTV, it is online workshops covering many surface design techniques, art quilting, watercolor, altered books and so much more. If you go to the link you can watch a few free shows one of which is monoprinting in a way you might not have ever seen before. The cost is US dollars is just under $100. a year which may sound pricey but think of it as a one year long workshop every other week. I'm taking a one week workshop which is almost $900. so DMTV is a bargain.

A few years ago, Laura bought a printer that used MX dyes and she prints her own designs and also custom prints using your digital images. This is her new business, Fingerprint Fabrics.

I have drooled over her fabric for years and she now has free shipping so I decided to buy some fabrics. These are the ones I purchased. I should have ironed them (sigh)

These birds are acrylic paintings done by Linda on a nice heavier weight fabric. I think I will make some pin cushions for gifts from these. 

These are smaller pieces 20cm X 20cm (8" sq) as are the bird prints

These last ones are 45cm X 45cm or 14.5"sq.

Peeling paint

An old ship with peeling paint 

I guess I like the texture of peeling paint (smile)

I think this is a combo of print and monoprint

If you can, stop over and check out Fingerprint and DMTV. The free shows are great!

By the way, I made another order while the free shipping was still in effect!! 


  1. The peeling paint ones are great! :)

  2. And you can order your own design/photo printed on their fabric :-)

  3. These are simply stunning! By the way, "I should have ironed" is one of my most common sayings.


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