29 September 2014

More Fingerprint fabrics and some odds and ends

This is the second order from Fingerprint. I must have missed the blue hydrangeas the first time. I bought both the large poplin and small cotton. I also bought the poppies picture Laura featured on DMTV a few weeks ago. She did some interesting surface design techniques on this panel. Mine is the large poplin. Last but definitely not least is Laura's paint box work apron. I've been drooling over this since the first time I laid eyes on it. I didn't realize it is all marked out with straps and pockets. Very clever. I will have to model it after I sew it.


When Laura was here she mentioned a woman made her a felted "egg" to keep her pins in. She said they would always be sharp because the lanolin in the wool would lubricate the needles. I remembered I had a felted "head" a friend made for me years ago. It is now my newest pin cushion!

 Above is a ghost print of the insects and a stamping of leaves which actually came out much better than the original print

The new bigger (12X18) homemade permanent gelli printing plate. It is on the plastic side of this paper that the ice shield roofing product came with. Nice stuff!


  1. Thank you for the link to Fingerprint. Any feedback about the quality of the colour, how it washes etc would be appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Beth, thank you for contacting me with that information. I have been wanting to try to have some artwork reproduced. This company sounds like it might work for me.

  3. very cool looking apron...even I would wear it!
    Curious to see what you do with the flower prints!

  4. Beth, I'm not sure of the process of the Fingerprint. You send them a photo & they print it on fabric? Or you paint from a photo? Love the felted pincushion!


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