06 June 2014

Playdate with Judith

Yes, it's true. We were at it again including a beach comb. Judith wanted to do a gelli day I think mainly because she is a consummate print maker after taking many print classes at University.

I didn't know what I wanted to do with a gelli but I did know I wanted to start on some monochromatic abstract pieces. I tried to see if I could make a print like this

It looks nice but trying to come up with a composition while the paint is drying on the gelli was a bit intense. So in the spirit of ,"It is easier and cheaper to cut up paper than fabric" I decided to make some papers I could later cut up and collage into the design I wanted. I used black and white which are the primary colors then I did some papers in this beautiful burnt orange along with silver, gold, bronze and brass. The really fun part will be creating the fabric to make these pieces with after using the collages as mock-ups. I made many designs and values.

 And from the beach

I hope you can judge from the size of this tray how huge these clam shells are. On the lower left is a razor clam and these shells are perfect for holding beads while beading. You can appreciate the beautiful pearled inside of the mussel shell. I will gather a few things together and have a drawing for a Maine Beach surprise. All of these shells are great for holding things - natures containers.

Here is the give-away. US only because I'm not sure about mailing formerly alive things to other countries.

 There is driftwood and some great shells, a few stones, a rock with barnacles on it and sea glass.

And this is a totally out of focus picture of Judith and I. It was a selfie with a camera and not a phone. I didn't realize it was out of focus until Judith left. Oh well, maybe it's a blessing (smile).


  1. gelliprint is my favourite, some of " the tryins" are o so beatiful

  2. I've never tried a gelli but it looks like you had a ton of fun with yours!

  3. Love your prints, and your beach comb items! And the selfie is beautiful, in spite of the focus... two happy faces... you are obviously great friends, and look like you are having fun together... doesn't get any better than that!

  4. You're giving away some beachy stuff? I'd love them.

  5. Oooweee! So many textures! Good energy! The photo seems to me to show the creative energy & spirit whooshing around you & in you both,rather than precise details of your features.

  6. These are, by far, the nicest gelli prints I've ever seen. You make me want to grab some fabric and play. Thanks for another post, full of inspiration and stunning art.


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