13 June 2014

Too busy this week

Judith came over yesterday for a playdate. This would be on any other week the bright spot of the week but this week I had actually forgotten she was coming. This week I am having an estate sale. Some things from my parents - mostly music equipment and some things of mine. The pressure comes from the fact that everything was in my barn which is being torn down Monday. This and about 4 other "immediate" tasks have taken my attention. However in the midst a hot day and repeated phone calls we did manage to get something done.

Usually I don't put pictures of Judith's work on my blog because she has her own blog but I am making an exception today. My friend Marcella sent me a link to this YouTube Video. I sent it to Judith and she wanted to do it. The video is about silk but Judith wanted to try it on cotton before investing in silk chiffon.

Because ALL of my tables are now housing estate sale stuff we had to use 4 horses to hold the padded printing table. It turned out to be much better than the tables and we will use these from now on. I want to say the horse were 2 for $12. at Home depot and are collapsible plastic. Judith used charcoal to lay out her design.

Judith's work

My bright idea was to hose it down with high pressure on a hose (thumb on opening) to get the gobs of print paste off the cloth before washing.

My two pieces which I forgot to take "before with wet dye" pictures

The fabric is vibrant but you can't tell in these pics because it is raining and the light is poor. I'll try again on a sunny day.

The wicky black lines were not intended to look like this but I actually like them this way.

Credit card


  1. Love them! Great color, and beautiful designs! Are these done with thickened dyes?

  2. These are wonderful. We are fixing our barn and I want a space to do these kinds of things. You are so inspiring. I also am inspired by my sketchbook that arrived in the mail yesterday. I haven't used one like it and hope to get started in it right away. Thanks again for your generosity in giving and sharing!

  3. Your barn. That's not where your parents lived, is it? I can't remember where the barn is. And what will replace it?

  4. The results are beyond gorgeous. I LOVE the texture of the wicky black lines. I'm so glad you took the time to play. You probably need a break from the estate sale and I needed the inspiration.


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