20 June 2014

Books, Books, and more Books

After the last handmade book giveaway, I decided to make a nice big fat sketchbook for a Canadian friend from Nova Scotia.

Here are the pieces.

I showed this last week but now it is finished

Nice paper that can handle mixed media including water.

Which color waxed linen thread?

I like this one the best.

I also asked my across the street neighbor to come over for lunch and a book making play date. I finished my book while she made hers.

Either side can be the front of the book.

My neighbor Grace took her book home to finish the coptic binding and here is the results

The colors look a bit pale because I took this picture outside at high noon!!!

Grace used some of my paste paper but now that I have her "hooked" on bookmaking we are having a paste paper playdate with Marcella Tuesday. Then Grace will have her own stash for covers!!

Another readers had made two books after reading my bookmaking tutorial and sent pictures of her lovely book. This is the link to your blog post and she goes into detail about how she did it. Great to see how each person can make a book but that each one can be so creative and different. Thanks Elle!!


  1. Thanks for your inspiration, Beth. Now to improve on my new 'luv'!

  2. Beautiful books! Can you come over to my house for a play date?

  3. Lovely books! Sounds like you had a great play date... I need to organize some of those soon...

  4. Oh, I just LOVVVVVVE these! You make the process so much fun & your generosity is so kind. & the end result: Gorgeous! Gives me hope that one day I might be able to make something like this...

  5. Oh, how lovely are these books! Well done!

  6. That special follower in NS is jumping up and down in glee. The book is beyond amazing.


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