02 June 2014

Odds and ends

 Did a few more tags. These are the bearers of fortunes from the Chinese restaurant. I love really good fortunes.

I was so chuffed with the orange and purple design that I repeated it on watercolor paper.

I tried out the new paints. They were actually pretty good for cheap paints.

The fabric below on the left page was done with Diamine grey ink and alcohol. I laid the fabric on a piece of paper (above). I liked how both came out so they both ended up in the sketchbook. Also on the right page below is Diamine grey ink stamped on the paper with a cork. The background is graphite. I love it!


  1. Love, LOVE the orange and purple! One of my fave color combos!

  2. For awhile I would get fortunes at the Chinese restaurant that perfectly fit where I was in my life. But yesterday I got one that didn't make any sense...Hmm...Anyway, I've kept a bunch, along with my Angel cards & love to re-read them. Your bright colors make them even more clear & focused, celebrating them...

  3. I have a thing for "quotes". This is a great way to use them. I love what you've done with the ink and alcohol. I've added it to the list.


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