11 June 2014

Playdate with Marcella

We had planned on having another playdate doing painted cloth. That quickly changed into sunprinting. Sunprinting is coincidentally the topic this month on the FIRE blog

In addition, Marcella had seen a YouTube video about making scarves with Sharpie markers and alcohol so we had to do that too. Since we weren't AT the scarf workshop, we guessed at many steps so you can learn by our experiences.

Here is what we did.

We collected a lot of plant matter to use on the sunprints as resists.

This is Marcella. She is the other half of MidCoast Surface Design Workshops along with me!!

Marcella placed her work outside in the sun. I left mine inside on the bed with direct sun.

After that we went out in the Art Greenhouse and made scarves using Sharpie Markers which were then sprayed with rubbing alcohol. Below is Marcella's design. She laid her habotai silk scarf loosely on a sheet of freezer paper shiny side up.

This was my design on a habotai silk scarf which I laid on cotton fabric which was loosely laid on a sheet of freezer paper shiny side up. My idea was trying to get a second "print" on the cotton from the run off.

You can see the three layers: silk, cotton, paper.

Mine after spraying with a lot of "running". I thought the run off would cover the white negative spaces better - more fully.

On the other hand the pictures above and below are the cotton fabric which I REALLY liked.

Marcella's design finished before the alcohol

And these are after the alcohol. Much better coverage of the negative spaces plus very cool pooling and running of colors.

My sunprint with the Lady's mantle leaves wasn't worth the time to photograph. Marcella's came out better but the leaves stuck to the fabric so she needs to wash it. I'll try to get a pic of it after laundering.

If I do the Sharpies again I will iron the scarf to the freezer paper first then color and spray.


  1. Looks like you two had a fun day! I have not tried the sharpies/alcohol on silk, and on the cotton it seems to me they washed out so there must be a way to set them (heat, maybe?).
    I did a sun print yesterday with lace, but it came out very pale, so I think I need to work on my technique a little...

  2. This is just so fascinating. I love the organic look of the results. The alcohol step must be like a leap of faith. Thanks for the inspiration.


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