20 January 2014

Two things

One is that I forgot to show you that I finally did manage to cover the red roving on that old piece I just resolved.           In Pictures only:

Offending red roving in center and source of attack"

Much better I think. Now I am really happy.

And the other thing is that I received SO MANY emails about thread and I appreciated them all. One in particular was from a friend, Penny, who attended the Dorothy Caldwell workshop with me. She told me about a thread that she uses called Invisifil and it is 100wt. I have to admit I haven't tried it yet but I did order 2 spools.

The appear a bit darker than in real life but I will be using them asap. 

I also just found over 40 emails in my spam folder and was very upset so if you sent me an comment and I didn't answer, please forgive me. I think I have resolved this problem (I hope).


  1. You will love the Invisifil thread, I use it a lot after someone told me about it a few years ago.

  2. Wonderful work, adorable colours.I love it.


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