29 January 2014

A side step and a question answered

Nienke had a totally captivating blog post last week that gave me such a great idea for a "take along" project. I was doing the EPP but my finger tips are numb a bit from the Chemo so that will have to wait. Meanwhile...

I don't know if you remember this from a previous project but I call it my Ramen wool. I bought it from a new spinner.

I dislike all hot colors except this orangy yellow. Go figure! It does look so good with blue, green, purple and turquoise, the colors I love.

This was meant to be a bit more purple but when it's dry maybe it will.

 The green is a bit turquoise but I was rapidly running out of acid dyes and was too tired to make more. I Still need a few more colors and I'd like to use up the Ramen wool!!

Drip drying in the shower

 Former "chemo" take along basket now the log cabin project. Should work well for those hour each way drives to radiation and the W A I T !

Some colors all wool but not the same weight. I think I will hold out for the Ramen wool so all weights will be the same. Looks like more acid dyes in my future.

Found this very helpful blog. VERY helpful. The video tutorials are wonderful.

Question about the LAST post:
 How do you have room to quilt, do you move all your thread or the machine?

The photo was a bit confusing because I was just trying to get a picture of my life long thread collection. The table I actually free motion on is the one with the rayon thread and there is tons of room to move around. Although to be honest I have spent hours in that cramped area around the thread when I use the big Brother.


  1. You don't need to use acid dyes. Wool dyes beautifully with regular MX dyes. Just add vinegar or citric acid to the dye bath.

  2. I love the Ramen wool. Nice structure. And the blue looks gorgious!

  3. Beautiful bleu/purple en green/ turqoise ;-)

  4. Great choice, we willbsit and knit together with just an ocean between us ;-).

  5. love the yarns. Thank you for the info on the quilting and machine.


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