06 January 2014

A few things and on with the quilt

I got a good deal on these heavy weight white 100% 
wool blankets but when I opened the box they weighed a ton. They have to be well over 5 pounds each. Now I am thinking a purse or a coat

This one was a bit lighter but still 3 to 4 times the weight and thickness of the one I used on the FIRE blog. I am not disappointed.

Here are the four books being mailed out tomorrow. You can see the white customs forms peeking out for the 2 going to the Netherlands and the one to New Zealand. I hope to get confirmation of arrival. I'd like to know they arrived safely!!

Another thing I was desperate to find were THIN silk pins, the longer the better. The pins on the right was the best. 2" long and sharp. I just emptied the trash and I can't remember the name

 I found my order

I had smoothed and pinned the strip in anticipation of the quilting today but do YOU see what's missing? Backing!

 I got out all that snow dye I had made last winter. Each piece was 18" X 45" so side seaming them gave me great 90" half yard long pieces

Here sits the last one which will bring my stitched backing to 90" X 135". 

This is what I have so far 6' X 90".

Tomorrow I WILL start the free motion!


  1. You are soooo ambitious! I shudder to think of quilting anything that large... I'm definitely a small quilt gal, but love what you are doing. Your snow dyes are gorgeous! Have fun...

  2. How Bush you are. And sure I will let you know when I have received the book.
    And guess what? I will join Nienke in October for the fire blog. I am afraid to do a whole month by myself.

  3. What a beautiful fabrics. Lovely colours!


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