15 January 2014

Still working...

The Brother NV 200 has proven (so far, touch wood) to be very reliable. I use my machines in special tables with the machine set down and plastic inserts to make the surface flat. I have the inserts for the Janome and Bernina which is on its way to Rhode Island where I may end up getting a new machine. The motor WAS burned out and there may be damage to the "too tight" fly wheel.
Meanwhile the Brother NV 200 is sitting in a hole and it it is almost impossible to move the fabric.

Mother being the necessity of invention and me being a mother came up with this idea.

This is a piece of foam core board being held in place by three strips of packing tape. Three of the edges are resting on the lip of the cut-out and are pretty stable.

I can easily slide my hand across the foam core board getting just the support to keep the fabric out of the hole!!

The hero of the day, my 11 year old Brother NV 200.

Strip two finished.


  1. Very clever solution to the problem! And I love the stitching... glad you have a reliable machine to see you through!

  2. Reading your blog posts is such a wonderful start to my day! I love your workaround for the machine and your quilting. It is beautiful!

  3. Good idea and nice quilting! You are so inventive!


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