03 January 2014

Been waiting for this day

One of the good things lying about like a zombie was plenty of time to work out the problems I created making this quilt like not having enough fabric!!

Another shot out of direct sun showing the lovely "surprise" marbling of the edging fabric. What a great save.

Another task was trying to keep the quilt top as whole as possible and not having to make so many QAYG (Quilt As You Go) seams. I figured I could handle a 1' X 6' strip and keep it straight. So the plan was to sandwich up the quilt, batting and backing and quilt the strip to within an inch, maybe 1 1/2 of the edges.
The batting by the yard is crazy - like $15-$17/yd. A few months ago Joann had the pre-cut queen batting 90" X 108 " on sale for half price. That's about 4 yards of batting. I forgot what I paid, maybe $22-$24. for the package. I bought 2. Next DAY it was on sale for 60% which was about $18. and I ordered 3. Probably won't see that for a while.

I laid out the batting and cut at the 90" width a slice 21".

This will give me about an inch at each side, and inch at the QAYG seam to the next 6' strip and 7" to do a flip and sew 2" green sash and another flip and sew 4" purple sash, at least top and bottom.

Below is what I have left of the queen bat. The length is the length and the width is 90" which is how I am cutting the strips.

It was a bit wrinkled so I cool pressed the bat a bit to get it as smooth as possible.

 This is what was left of the end of the 90" strip. I save these and zigzag them together for future needs. You can't even tell.

This is my Sewline BEST ever white marker. Expensive but worth every dollar. It last forever. I still have the original core inside.

Signature image.

 Smoothed to within a inch of it's life, pinned and ready to sew! Can't wait!!


  1. Great progress. I love to get my batting from Joanne's when it is on sale too. I keep it in a rubbermaid tote for when inspiration strikes or I actually finish a top. I am great at staring but not so great at finishing. lol

  2. I never even noticed that the batting comes pre-cut in QAYG lengths! Wow!

    I'm confused, though, looking at your strips. It doesn't appear to be pieced together before you laid it on top of the batting. Is that an optical illusion?

  3. Wow! This is really coming together... beautiful! As for the batting, I rarely make bed-sized quilts, so mine lasts for a long time. Last one I bought was over a year ago, and I still have almost half a package left. Thanks for the tip on the white marker. I generally use a silver quilt pencil for marking, but yours might be worth a try!


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