24 January 2014

End of a busy week

I've sandwiched up the 3rd strip and I am almost done with the stippling. Should be done my Monday.

I tried this net stocking to see if it would help. NO. So I have thrown in the towel and I am using ordinary thread as opposed to the Bottom Line. You can see the spool of Invisifil thread to the left (green)

I was a bit apprehensive since Bottom line is 60 wt and Invisifil is 100 Wt but it seemed to free motion nicely.

Top four rows are Invisifil and bottom three are rayon

This is too weird. I was using this seam ripper and the long tip just snapped off!!!!. I somehow managed to remove the broken end without cracking the wood, took a cheap old seam ripper and got it out of the plastic and then used super glue to attach it to the wooden handle. This is an Alex Anderson 4 way tool which was not only pricey but I use it all the time. So I am happy with my save!!

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  1. So what do you think of the Invisafil now that you've sewn with it? Hope it works for you!


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