27 January 2014

Strip three done

On this strip, I did all the background stippling in purple before I started the circles. On the others I started in the center, did a circle then some stippling and worked my way to the ends. On three I started in the center , sewed to each end but only the background stippling.

I kind of like this one done with Gutermann thread

This was Invisifil and I had some breakage problems. I think with a straight stitch and NOT free motion it would be fine. I did order a spool in purple to stipple with which should come Monday.

This was also a design I used on my grandson's quilt. The spider is a symbol of creativity. This little guy was done in Madeira metallic thread and he's quite glimmery!

Not as successful as I'd hoped.

This is what I call my loopty loop pattern which I use a lot along with stippling for backgrounds.

This was "supposed" to be waves. Oops.

This is my rayon in the center with metallics on either side.

This is a combination of Gutermann on the left, all the Madeira Lana which I bought myself for my birthday a few years ago. I LOVE them. The other three racks have odd Coats and Clark, Gutermann, Aurifil, and lots of Superior threads which I bought as "buy 6 and they pick the colors". So it's not like I don't have thread, I just wanted to use Bottom Line - alas!

Update on the Bernina. It should be back in 2 weeks, fingers crossed.


  1. Love all your thread and designs... How do you have room to quilt, do you move all your thread or the machine... thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, love seeing the display of your thread! Fun to see the varying designs on the circles. Definitely the kind of free-motion quilting I enjoy the most--having a distinct repeated shape within which I can vary the quilting design, doing one at a time. About the Invisafil, did you fiddle with the tension? I think I've used a lower tension than when I use Aurifil.

  3. Vivian. Great question and I will make it more clear in post tomorrow,OK


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